Pete's Pierside Fish Market

Our Fresh Fish Market is located behind our seafood cafe on the Harford pier in Port San Luis Harbor and Avila Beach, CA. This Fish Market section is currently getting an upgrade with all the new things we are kicking off this summer! Please check back soon…

LIVE CRAB cam on the Harford Pier

We have two live crab tanks inside our fish market so we can offer live or cooked local crabs to our customers! No need to drive to San Francisco or Los Angeles to enjoy fresh crab! You pick out your crabs to take home and cook or we can cook them for you ($1 per LB extra) or better yet add them to your meal and enjoy them on our patio! We keep our crab local to our coast so we might not always have them in stock but we have a live crab cam below so you can see what we currently have.


Live Rock Crab

The tank on the left is local Rock Crab

Caught anywhere from Santa Barbara
to Morro Bay

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Dungeness Crab

Live  Crab

The tank on the right is local Dungeness Crab

Caught anywhere from San Francisco
to Avila Beach

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